The Barbell Club


AT East high school

The Women’s Barbell Classic organization believes that all girls should have access to the weight room. It’s our mission to provide a safe, supportive environment that allows girls to gain strength, build confidence, and deepen relationships through strength training.  

Unfortunately, self-esteem rates are at an all time low. 7/10 teenage girls report feeling “not good enough” or as if they don’t measure up in some way, including their looks, performance in school and relationships with friends and family members.  

Low self-esteem doesn’t just affect how girls feel about themselves.  It can also affect their actions. 75% of girls struggling with low self-esteem said they engage in activities like smoking, drinking, early sexual activity, bullying, self-harm, and disordered eating.  

Decades of research and the personal stories of thousands of women tell us that girls who strength train have higher self- esteem, self-concept, body image and overall health.    But we also know that intimidation and lack of knowledge keep many girls out of the weight room.

We have a solution.  

October of 2019 will mark the launch of a six week lifting program, The Barbell Club, designed to share the experience of strength training with high school girls. This program will be offered to *all* participating high school females regardless of athletic ability or level of conditioning. Trained staff will lead and provide appropriate strength workouts for all participants.   

Program participants will meet twice a week with the focus of time being spent equally on learning proper lifting technique and strength building and honest discussions on topics pertaining to improving self-esteem including goal setting,social media, and self-talk.

Money raised in support of the Barbell Club will help provide each Barbell Club participant with a pair of shoes, shirt, and pants/shorts so they feel comfortable in the weight room. Each participant will also receive balanced snacks, a strength journal and an invite to attend a program competition celebration.  

It’s our hope that upon program completion, The Barbell Club participants have a positive experience in the weight room that leaves them with foundational knowledge of strength training, new friendships, and skills and perspectives to help them cultivate self-esteem throughout the year.

Community support and funding will be crucial to the success of The Barbell Club. To learn more about how funds will be used or to donate, click here.


After School Program
in the Fall


East High School