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East high school

The Women’s Barbell Classic mission is to raise the bar for the women in our community. To educate and provide opportunities that allow women to experience what it means to be physically strong, and how that reverberates throughout the rest of their life. We believe that strong women build strong communities, and our purpose is to lead these inspired individuals to give back and serve those who need access to more programs and support than would otherwise be available. 

What started as one event has grown into an organization that provides year-round workshops, community, and events for women to experience strength training, connection, and development in several facets of their lives.

October of 2019 will mark the launch of a six-week lifting program designed to share the experience of strength training with high school girls. The Women’s Barbell Classic believes that not only should all girls have access to the weight room, but have the knowledge and confidence to participate in lifting in a safe, supportive environment should they desire. As a result, this program will be offered to all high school females regardless of athletic ability or level of conditioning. Trained staff will provide appropriate strength workouts for all participants.


After School Program
in the Fall


East High School