Mobility & Joint Health For Power Athletes

Mobility & Joint Health For Power Athletes


Ryan Esdohr from Superhuman Lab will be leading a mobility workshop specifically for the Women’s Barbell Classic, but all women are welcome to join in the fun if you were not able to get registered in time. Join us on Saturday, January 12 from 10:00-12:00 at Superhuman Lab in Urbandale, Iowa. All tools and equipment will be provided just be sure to wear comfortable clothing. Registration is limited to 15 ladies.


My goal is to get you game day ready. Day of when you step onto the platform any worries about pain, mobility, and readiness will be background noise. I build confidence in athletes to trust their bodies so they can bring their best performance.  

By trade I’m a sports therapist which means I spend half my time in a therapy room working on athletes and the other half teaching them how to acquire the demands for their sport. I’ve worked with athletes in the NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, PGA, and Track & Field. Over the last few years however I have really focused on not just helping athletes eliminate pain but really honing in on performance. If I make you more flexible and get you out of pain yet you don’t get better at your sport then I didn’t do my job. This is why I have been in pursuit of filling the gap between rehab and training. I want you to know why you have pain, why you have a pinch in your hip, or why you have sticking points in your lift. What I do is watch, listen, then teach and create a game day strategy.

Course Description:

Mobility and Joint Health For Power Athletes is really about making sure that you have the prerequisites to do what you love to do. I like to start with looking at joint motion first. If your joint cannot move properly it will not allow the muscles to function properly. Next we will look at the demands needed for powerlifting and make sure that you have the mobility AND strength in the ranges needed. We will then look at common problems that can be threats to your performance, and lastly give you a take home process to follow so that you can track your progress leading up to the event.

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