Values, Visions & Goals Workshop

Meghan McCoy

Workshop with Meghan McCoy!

We are beyond excited to have Meghan McCoy lead this incredible event for the Women’s Barbell Classic. She truly is the best! Join us on Sunday, December 2nd from 1:00-3:00 PM at Compass Financial in West Des Moines. We will have healthy snack and beverages.


Meghan McCoy is a speaker, facilitator, and coach. Meghan works for lululemon athletica, and leads this work as a core part of their company culture. Born and raised in Des Moines, Iowa, she is the proudest Midwest girl you will ever meet. She prefers to have her heart rate elevated doing sweaty workouts with friends and believes strongly in full bookshelves, breakfast for any meal of the day, and eye contact with other humans. 

Meghan has a sport background that led her to the wellness world. She competed as a college soccer player, and received her degree in Health Promotion: Wellness and Fitness Management. Her offerings are grounded in core values and real talk. Through her work at lululemon and their vision and goals offerings, she connects with individuals to introduce possibility and choice into their worlds. 

Course Description:

The goal is to lift heavy weights. We are all clear on that. But what does that mean for you specifically? In this two hour workshop we will dig into your individual goals leading up to and including your participation in the Women's Barbell Classic. We will get clear on what it looks like to write a goal powerfully and then break it down into the continuous behaviors that will lead us to success. Talking roadblocks and identifying the empowering behaviors that will increase our chances of overcoming them. You will walk away with a clear goal, plan, and new practices that you will be able to apply to not only the gym, but life as well. 

Registration for this event is REQUIRED and it is FREE! We believe in giving back to those women who have supported the Women’s Barbell Classic and are helping us grown a strong community right here in Des Moines! Due to this incredible venue we are able to take up to 70 women. To get registered for the event simply fill out the form below and submit. Although this is a free event if for whatever reason after signing up you are unable to attend please email us at so that we can make sure to have a good headcount come event day.

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