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NEW! The Barbell Club

At East High School

October of 2019 will mark the launch of a six week lifting program designed to share the experience of strength training with high school girls. The Women’s Barbell Classic believes that not only should all girls have access to the weight room, but have the knowledge and confidence to participate in lifting in a safe, supportive environment should they desire.

Deadlifting at the 2019 WBC

Our Mission

The Women’s Barbell Classic is a female strength movement. Our mission is to raise the bar for the women in our community. To educate and provide opportunities that allow women to experience what it means to be physically strong, and how that reverberates throughout the rest of their life.

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Our Founders

Annie Brees & Abbie Mork are 2 women who understood the power strength training has on females physically, mentally and emotionally. They wanted to create an event that not only supported women from all walks of life, but encouraged them to come under one roof and to promote change inside their community.


Board Members

The love of strength training is what brought Meghan McCoy, Annie Brees & Abbie Mork together. By day they are women in the Des Moines community who are hard working and very passionate. That is why they work so well together as the board of directors for the Women’s Barbell Classic


Our Impact

The Women’s Barbell Classic is known for its big event each year that raises funds to put back into our community.



1st year Raised

In our first year we were able to raise over $10,000 and donate to a local woman who had been involved in a tragic accident.



2nd year raised

We set out goals high and succeeded. Our fundraising efforts allowed us to donate $20,000 to the Young Women’s Resource Center in Des Moines.



goal is in the works

Moving forward we our fundraising efforts are going to go towards our on programs we are developing with our youth in the Des Moines area. Check out our Program to learn more.


Our Program

One of the main passions and focuses outside of the Women’s Barbell Classic powerlifting meet is providing education on strength training to the youth in our community. To do so, we are currently working on developing relationships with those at East High School in Des Moines, Iowa to launch our first program in the fall of 2019.


Get Involved

If you want to get involved and help the Women’s Barbell Classic we will welcome you with open arms. The easiest ways to support our cause is to sign up for events, volunteer or make a financial donation. Since day one we built our non-profit from the help and generosity of our community. When we say we couldn’t do it without you, we 100% mean it!


Sign Up For Events

Signing up for events and workshops is a great way to help support not only the Women’s Barbell Classic organization, but also fund our programs.


We cannot do this without our many volunteers. If you want to help in the 2020 Women’s Barbell Classic click below to learn more.

Make a Donation

Donations are crucial to our success and have gotten us to where we are today. If you want to help support or mission click below to donate.